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  On my second trip to Guam, I rented a Nissan car both times and was very satisfied with the trip. Friendly staff and a good value vehicle, there is nothing to regret, but if I had to pick one thing that was a little disappointing, it was that the vehicle felt a little used compared to other vehicles. Should I add the insurance to full insurance? When I got the car, there were brand new Versa cars that still had temporary license plates on them, but the Sentra I rented had a lot of wear and tear. This time, I deliberately chose the Sentra to go up a notch, but I guess I should have just gone with the Versa. Still, I was very satisfied. I think I will choose this place on my next trip to Guam.
  The rental cost and vehicle condition are very good. They were very kind when renting and there was no rip-off or overcharging at all. The price is cheaper than other companies and making a reservation is very easy. I will use it again on my next visit to Guam.
  I rented a car for shopping and touring the South. My group had a license for more than 2 years, but it was a long time. I could drive, but it was not more than 2 years, so it was difficult to rent a Korean car. And it was also more expensive. I was only planning to stay for 2 out of 4 nights, so they picked me up at the hotel, and they were very kind. And they didn't even take a deposit? And they also upgraded to Sentra!! I think Guam would be really difficult without a car. I would like to say that it is essential for a pleasant trip.
  The vehicle was upgraded to Sentra class. You must bring special benefits such as beach chairs and wifi eggs, as they will not be given to you unless you bring them yourself. The exterior of the vehicle had a slightly dented bumper (noticeable), but the interior was very clean, so it was not a big problem. I hesitated to sign a contract because it didn't seem like many people around me used it, but it was cheaper than anywhere else and the service was very reasonable and friendly, so I signed a contract, and I am very satisfied with the result. The rental process went very smoothly, and the car was in reasonable condition upon return. I don't know if it's because I applied SUP. However, we recommend that you check YouTube in advance for directions to return it. I think it would be a loss not to rent in Guam. I am very satisfied with being able to move around freely by renting a place for the entire day. I want to use it again next time. Thank you again.
  I made a reservation for Versa, but they upgraded me to Sentra. This is my fifth time in Guam, and I use Nissan rental car every time I come. ^^Choi Gong
  I use it every time I go to Guam. The car was always in good condition, but this time I had bad luck and it wasn't so good. There were cigarette butts and it was dirty, so I cleaned it and burned it. Other than that I am satisfied with everything. I will use it again next time~
  I always had a hard time refueling when returning the car. Please improve the billing for post-payment for the amount used. I use it once or twice a year and am very satisfied.


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