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  Thanks for the upgrade, I was able to ride it very satisfactorily!! As for the cost, I think I will find it again when I go to Guam. There was no problem communicating in English, but during the vehicle return process, the staff asked Do you speak English? Can you speak fluent english? discriminatory remarks, etc. The previous return process was all in English, but the tone was that it was impossible to refund the deposit unless someone who suddenly became fluent English was brought in, and it was possible to return it after an explanation. Due to the nature of Guam, there are many Korean users, and if a similar issue occurs in the future, I think I will use a Korean company that can communicate in Korean and has a low possibility of racial discrimination.
  I think renting a car is essential in Guam. Thanks to Nissan Rent-A-Car, I was able to have a good trip.
  I've been to Guam about 8 times since 2014.. I used a Nissan rental car every time.. It was convenient to return the car after receiving it at the airport. I had a good drive. . This log vehicle was made with a clean vehicle.. The price of the booster seemed a little expensive, so I took off one star.. And it was much better to return it without refueling than to rent a beach chair. ^^ I think I will go again in the summer.. then again I hope it's changed! It's my hope.
  First of all, it was nice that the staff responded very kindly. It wasn't difficult to drive, and I rented two because it was a family trip, so I was worried about cockroaches, but my car was fine, but I saw the other one occasionally. Well, I have a lot of things to do to take out and go to the beach, so it's important to manage this, but I think it's first for the user to use it cleanly. Anyway, I got it for a good price.
  I had a car, so I went comfortably and went where I wanted to go. This is why I rent a car every time I go to Guam. Thank you again next time.
  He picked me up at the hotel on time, and even though I couldn't speak English well, I rented a car safely. I rented a Centra, but it was a bit inconvenient because the air vent holder I bought in Korea didn't fit ^^; There is also a rear camera. The car was also clean. Fits in the trunk of a 27+24+20 inch suitcase and has plenty of room. However, driving in Guam was not difficult, but it was difficult at night. It was too dark, and there were many places like alleys with left turns and right turns, so I was confused.
  A rental car is a must if you are traveling on your own in Guam. Nissan rental car prices are affordable and friendly. Vehicle condition good. Take care of the service!

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