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  I borrowed wifi, but it didn't connect well, and I didn't use it because it was roaming anyway and the hotel wifi worked well. You lent me 2 beach chairs, but I didn't have a chance to use them because of the typhoon. It seems that they upgraded the vehicle, but it was a bit disappointing because it was the same small car. It seems that the car seat is not leather, but the contaminated part is not cleaned well. It looked so messy. It is said that Hertz Rent-A-Car gave a refund for the two days when the vehicle was unavailable due to a typhoon, but Nissan Rent-a-car has a cheaper rental fee than Hertz Rent-a-car, and offers free upgrades to the vehicle, and there is no such thing in the terms and conditions, so the part about two days' worth They said there was no refund for it. Due to the typhoon damage, other rental car companies, some accommodations, and Korean restaurants provided a lot of free volunteer support, but Nissan Rent-A-Car did not have such a service for customers during this difficult time, so it was very regrettable. I've even heard that customers who returned the gas without filling it up paid twice as much for gas... Most of the tourists on Guam are Koreans, and Korean tourists had a lot of trouble this time. Even if there is no such content in , I wonder what it would have been like if you were a little more considerate.
  It was convenient to pick up the car at the airport, and the interior of the car was clean. All the staff at the airport and the main office who returned it were kind, so I used it well.
  I stayed in Guam during the typhoon period in Guam at the end of May. I rented a car for one day before the typhoon came, but it was not difficult to pick up the car right after I arrived at the airport as I had booked in advance, and the car was clean and in good condition (I applied for a Sentra, but I upgraded to an Altima haha) Return the car to Nissan's main office. I used it comfortably because I was taken to the hotel (the main office is on the main road from K-Mart to Micronesia Mall, so it's easy to find). I was enjoying my trip afterwards. In , all hotels are similar, so the extension of stay or cost is not confirmed, so chaos itself... If you don't, you have to go looking for accommodation, and meals are not provided at the hotel. In a situation where I have to find an open restaurant and solve it.. I was in a hurry to find a moving vehicle. Even on a holiday, I contacted a click travel agency for a talk consultation, and the response was quick. It's not easy to find) Even though I made a reservation in a hurry... On the appointed time, a Nissan employee came to pick me up at the hotel and went to the main office to pick up the car. Although it was a post-typhoon situation, the inside of the car was also cleanly washed, and most of all, there were many cases where it was not possible to line up for more than 6 hours to refuel at a local gas station in Guam at the time (actually, there were a lot of waiting lines for gas near the gas station). Fortunately, an alternative airline was caught earlier than expected, so I returned it a day earlier than the rental period (it's convenient to return it at the airport and leave the country), and they said they would return a day's worth of prepaid insurance premium. I used it for two days and paid a little over $9. I think I returned it inexpensively and conveniently compared to waiting in line for a long time to refuel. Unwillingly, I rented it twice this time.. Compared to other companies, short-term (one-day) rental is possible.. It is convenient to contact a local click travel agency... I do not have any plans to visit Guam right now, but if I visit again, I plan to use Nissan for rental. ^^
  Compared to the response and service of various rental car companies in this disaster situation, Nissan seemed to be lacking a lot in that area.
  I arrived and departed at dawn, so I looked for a rental car that could be picked up and returned at the airport, and I rented a Nissan car. It was an excellent choice. Oh, the beach chair is also free rental, so it was so nice to watch the sunset in the sea. I'm 100% willing to use it again next time I go to Guam. They upgraded the car and returned it a day early, but it was so nice that all rental fees, insurance premiums, and airport taxes for the day were fully refundable. Nissan Rent-A-Car highly recommended!!!!
  After the typhoon passed, I really needed a rental car, but the price was so cheap and the car was really clean ^^ The egg wifi provided when I rented it for 3 days was a good use, and even with two kids, one booster was free. Thank you for handling it quickly. Guam rental was essential. I had a pleasant southern tour with the children.^^ Be sure to go to Emerald Valley! The foreign staff were also kind, and above all, a Korean person responded quickly to a chat, so I felt more comfortable and relieved. I strongly recommend Nissan Rent-A-Car.
  Every time I visit Guam, I use Nissan Guam. I always use it because it is an airport pick-up and return. I was upgraded to 4 days, and I used it for a total of 9 days, extending it by 5 days due to a typhoon. By the time I returned it, it was too hot to refuel, so I returned it with U.S. fuel, but I was grateful that I only received the correct gas price and there was no penalty! Next time I go to Guam, I will definitely go to Nissan.


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