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  The vehicle has been washed inside and out and is in average driving condition. However, driving was difficult due to odor inside the vehicle and contamination of the interior trim on the top of the passenger seat due to an oil film on the windshield glass, making it difficult to see during rainy weather at night.
  I reserved a Nissan rental car for a trip in Guam, received the car keys early in the morning, and used it well. Picking up the car was no problem, and it was nice to be able to finish it right away after checking with the staff when returning it. I also rented a free wifi lunch box, so I made good use of it. I was debating between Hertz and Nissan. I think I made a good choice. I think I'll use Nissan next time I go to Guam.
  Lack of explanation of promotional options. I think it will be clear if you check each item. It is good to have it processed quickly, but it can be confusing for first-time visitors.
  I think I rented a Nissan car six times during my eighth trip to Guam. At first, I rented a Korean car from a Korean car rental company, but I didn't think it was necessary. Even though I don't speak English, I rented a car without a problem and used it well.
  The price was cheap and it wasn't difficult to rent. When returning the car, the parking lot entrance may be confusing, so be sure to watch the instruction video before returning the car!!!
  I was able to get a Sentra thanks to my car upgrade, and the car was in very good condition. Highly recommended~~!
  It was very convenient to pick it up and return it at the airport. Every time I go to Guam, I rent it from Nissan, and I think it's best to pick it up and return it right at the airport. The price is reasonable, and thanks to you, I had a pleasant trip this time. See you next time.


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