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  It was in good condition and the weather was nice, but it wasn't full gauge when I picked it up at the airport. ㅜㅜ However, I returned it with a full gauge, so I was disappointed about this. Everyone else is satisfied! The ag speed was very slow. I used it as a replacement for navigation so there was no major inconvenience.
  I picked it up at Dusit Thani and went to the office to rent it. It took about 10 minutes. It was very close, pleasant and comfortable. The staff are also friendly. I chose Nissan because the insurance included wheels and rims, and I think it was a good decision. The car I rented was also very clean. I rented a large room with 7 people and it was much more comfortable than taking a taxi. I returned it at the airport and there was no additional charge. Next time I go to Guam, I will rent from Nissan ^^
  Hello, I found out about it by chance and since using it for the first time, I use this Nissan rental car every time I go to Guam. Even when comparing prices with other rental cars, it was always superior and the car was in excellent condition. Last time, I drove a new car with less than 1,000 km on the clock. I 100% recommend this rental car to my friends who are going to Guam. Thank you.
  Every time I go to Guam, I rent from Nissan Rent-a-Car. It's convenient, cheap, easy to return, and provides great service. It's the best in many ways. However, the pocket wifi was very slow. Other than that, it was the best in every way.
  The quick response to my KakaoTalk inquiry was good~ The car was flawed... Unlike Korea, the seats were made of fabric and there was no tinting, so my whole body was photosynthesizing properly~~ Haha It was useful to have brought a sunshade just in case~ It smelled a little, but overall. It was convenient for traveling with family, and I plan to use it again next time I go.
  It was nice to be able to make reservations and payments in Korea. If you don't speak English, it may be difficult to understand the desk staff's instructions (e.g. returning devices). Since there are many Korean users, I think it would be better for them to understand if the instructions were strengthened when meeting in person. The age and external condition were good, and I wish the musty smell on the inside had improved. I wish the explanations on how to put in gas (gas station location indicator light) and the entrance when returning the car (I went into the wrong parking lot next door and paid $2 ㅜㅜ) were more emphasized. I was satisfied with the first half and used it well.
  The vehicle was upgraded. I only looked at the exterior and shipped it, but when I went to the hotel parking lot, the lower part of the engine was strange. Around 8 p.m., I met the airport rental desk and parking lot staff again. The staff said that this is a new car, and the road conditions were bad, so the lower part of the engine was damaged a lot. It's damaged, this is not a problem, it's the same even if you exchange it for another car. It wasn't a problem, but the answer was a little strange. Nissan vehicles are better than Hyundai vehicles.


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