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  Wi-Fi Lunchbox Internet is disconnected frequently. Please take care.
  I used it 5 years ago and it was convenient, so I used it for the second time. It's nice to be able to pick it up right from the airport. The car was new and very clean before, so it was nice, but this time I was a little disappointed. Even if it costs a little more, it would be nice to be able to choose whether it's a new car or not.
  I visited Guam for the 5th time in 4 years after Corona and used a rental car. Previously, if I showed up late due to late check-in, it would take over 30 minutes just to rent a rental car, but now there was no line at all, so I was able to get it right away. I reserved a Sentra car, but was upgraded to an Altima, so I was able to use it comfortably. The car wasn't in bad condition, but there was a slightly dreamy smell inside the car, but I think this is something that can't be helped since it's a tropical country. I rented a car 5 days in advance, and after shopping around the city, eating out, and touring the southern part of the city, I used about half of the gas, and it cost about $50 to refill the gas tank.
  After much deliberation about which rental car to use, I decided on a Nissan rental car through Guamjagil Cafe. The staff was very friendly, and even though I was tired after arriving early in the morning, I was able to pick up the car and enter the hotel through quick guidance. Also, the condition of the car was really clean, so there was nothing to worry about, and as the cafe had good reviews, I think it was a good choice for me as well. I am so satisfied that I recommend Nissan rental cars to people on the go. Thank you.
  It was my fifth time using it. I was very satisfied every time I used Nissan Rent-a-Car. The car I met this time while I was in Guam after a long time was a new car with a smart key and a rear-view camera. There was a very big issue, so I had to pay more than 3 times more than the rental cost. Of course, I will use Nissan again next time^^ What is slightly disappointing is that in the past, they always waited in the parking lot. It was difficult to wait for over 10 minutes in the scorching sun to find an employee.
  I rented it in a hurry when I arrived in Guam, but they rented it without any difficulties and they were very kind and explained it well. Other than the only thing that was disappointing about the car was that the passenger doors were manual and that the tires needed to be replaced, I was really satisfied.
  We rented for 5 nights, upgraded to a Sentra, and gave us a new car with only 4,000 kilometers on it. It was convenient because there was a cell phone holder and a rear camera. There was no bar teacher and the vehicle was clean. I am satisfied.


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