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Observatory Admission & Chamorro Lunch Buffet (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:20 Average Rate: 4.4/5


Fisheye Snorkeling tour(Basic Course) (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:8 Average Rate: 3.9/5

Time  3hours


Beach Intro Diving (Speedy Turtle)

Total Review:135 Average Rate: 4.6/5

준비물  Tower, Sun Block, Swimming Suit
Time  About 4 hours

65  45

Fisheye Dolphin Watching (Basic) (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:13 Average Rate: 4.2/5

Time  3hours


Dolphine Wathcing (Real World Diving)

Total Review:57 Average Rate: 4.1/5

65  58

Fisheye Dolphin Watching with Observatory (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:28 Average Rate: 4.4/5

Time  3.5 hour


Snorkeling with Observatory & Lunch (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:61 Average Rate: 4.6/5

Time  4 hours 30 min


Fisheye Dolphin Watching with Observatory & Lunch Buffet (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:131 Average Rate: 4.3/5

Time  4.5 hours


Fisheye Dinner Show with Observatory (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:27 Average Rate: 4.3/5


Fisheye Sunset Cruise & Dinner Show (Fisheye Guam)

Total Review:2 Average Rate: 5.0/5

Time  4,5 hours


mangilo 18 holes (Mangilao Golf Club)

Total Review:1 Average Rate: 5.0/5



Total Review:20 Average Rate: 4.4/5

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299  270