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  Overall, I was satisfied. The staff were friendly. However, there are not many signposts in Guam, so it would be good if they provided navigation or a map. It was inconvenient because it was not an environment where Google maps could be used comfortably. And I returned it without filling up the fuel. They charge too much of a fee. If you are running out of time at the airport, you may not be able to fill up your fuel tank. I wish they charged a fee at a reasonable level.
  The interior of the car is not cleaned. There is a lot of dust on the dashboard and instrument panel and they say the car has not been cleaned, so they say that they cleaned it with steam. It is raining outside, so it can get dirty, but interior cleaning is really important, and this area needs to be improved. Looks like
  I rented it for 3 days and was notified through a notice that I could receive additional benefits such as an E-sim, a beach chair, and a passenger as part of an event, but I did not receive the benefits because I did not check. It would be good if they were notified through KakaoTalk, etc.
  That's all good, but it would be better if there was a sign indicating where to stop when returning the car.
  I used it well at the cheapest price. Next time I go to Guam, I plan to use Nissan Rent-a-Car. thank you
  I found out about Nissan Rent-a-Car by chance while reading another blog!! The car is clean, the beach chairs provided are easy to use, and it's easy to drive, so I hope you have a good stay and prosper haha.
  There was a counter at the airport, so it was easy to pick it up as soon as I arrived and return it when I returned home. Boosters and beach chairs for children were lent out for free. The price is reasonable, so I plan to use it again next time.


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