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  The gray car I first received had a lot of extremely fast, ant-like insects in the back seat. The kids in the backseat were screaming that there were a lot of ants, and it turned out to be true. I got out and spoke to the person in charge, and they replaced me with a white car on the spot, so I had a good ride. The car ran well, had good fuel economy, and drove well without any major inconveniences. Next time I come to Guam, I think I will use Nissan Rent-a-Car.
  It was very good. It was a well-organized rental car package with no inconveniences. It felt like I was receiving a package as a gift while renting. The WiFi lunch box and upgrade are highly recommended.
  It was my first time renting a Nissan car, and it was nice to be able to receive and return it right away at the airport. The delivery process was easy and I was satisfied with the condition of the car.
  I think renting a car is essential in Guam. We rented a rental car for the entire trip and had a good time moving around. The sun is hot and the weather is hot, so it's not easy to walk with children even if you're moving a short distance, but I went well with a rental car. ^^ This was my second time using Nissan Rent-a-Car, and the interior of the car was clean and I was able to pick it up and return it at the airport, which was really nice. I think the rental cost is cheap too. Next time I go to Guam again, I think I will use Nissan Rent-a-Car.
  Nissan rental car insurance was good and there were no inconveniences at all when picking up and returning the car. I returned it right away without checking the exterior, probably because it was covered by full-coverage insurance. I plan to rent here again next time^^
  Overall, it was a satisfactory rental. There weren't many people during the early morning pickup, but the waiting time was long, but the staff were friendly.
  I made a reservation for the Versa for 5 days and was upgraded to the Sentra, so I was satisfied with the car use. The Sentra is clean and the trunk is spacious. However, when paying for gas at a Shell gas station, I was told that I would get a discount on gas if I showed my Nissan rental car key. When I showed it to them, the employee did not pretend not to know. I felt a little bad, but I didn't understand the language well and the amount was not much, so I didn't want to ruin my trip, so I just left. Affiliate services are not a big benefit, but I hope they are maintained well.


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