Guam Nissan Rent a Car 24 hours at Guam Nissan Airport Counter
  • Sentra (CDW)
    Compact 5 (18+)

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- Inclduing Airport Concession Recovery Fee 11.11%

- Inclduing $3.00 charge per day for vehicle registration recovery fee

Promotion and Conditon

eSIM (3days, 2GB) ☞ Must Be 3 days advance booking and minimum More than 3 day(s) rental car. 1 time . (2024/07/31) 

Provided by eSIM (2GB LTE speed provided per day for 3 days) -No compensation will be provided if you do not use eSIM. Validity Period: You can check the eSIM information on my page, and the password required for activation must be activated 3 days in advance. - Be sure to connect eSIM in Guam. It can be used for 72 hours as soon as connected.

Free Baby seat or Booster ☞  More than 2 day(s) rental car 1 Requested . (2024/12/31) 

[Baby Seat] 1. In Guam, baby seats or booster seats must be installed on all vehicles for children under 12 years of age. Additional charges are $ 6 per day (up to two free for promotion). 2. Guam Legal Provisions for Baby Seats and Boosters Section 30-33 of the General Guam Law: The January 1, 2010, Amendment Act requires that all vehicles carrying children and infants under 12 years of age must have a baby seat and a booster seat installed. Children under 4 years old must be protected by baby seats under the revised law, and children under 4 years old and younger than 11 years old must be protected by booster seats.

FREE One Additional Driver ☞  More than 2 day(s) rental car 1 PAX . (2024/12/31) 

Beach Chair ☞  More than 2 day(s) rental car 2 Requested . (2024/08/31) 

2 Beach Chairs Free Rental

Insurance Included

Third Party Liability Coverage ( AUTO TO AUTO + OBJECT )

Third Party Liability Coverage covers Bodily injury and Property Damage for a combined amount of $1M.

CDW $500 ( AUTO TO AUTO + OBJECT - Damage Deductible 500 )

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) $500 Damage Deductible.


SUP $0 ($12 Online Booking) 12(1 Day) ( AUTO TO AUTO + OBJECT )

Full Auto Insurance Online Discount $12
$15 when additionally applying for full auto insurance in Guam without online application
Total Auto Insurance $0 Deductible
In the event of a vehicle accident, repair costs for rental car damage are covered by insurance - Tire wheel, tire puncture repair cost insurance coverage
- Insurance applied to the Ritidian Point area in the northern part of Guam
- The administrative fee of $35 for insurance processing is not covered by insurance. Damage to the underside of the vehicle is not covered by insurance
Not applicable for tire damage in the event of a flat tire
However, damage to the lower part of the vehicle is not covered by insurance

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) 12(1 Day) ( AUTO TO AUTO ONLY )

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) This insurance applies to any accident occurring while driving the rented vehicle, directly and independently of all other causes, resulting in death, dismemberment, and/or total or partial disability. PAI – Personal Accident Insurance ($12.00 per day) Content Security Principal Passenger / Person Death $200,000.00 $20,000.00 Medical Expenses $5,000.00 $5,000.00 Niatari accident compensation up to $ 300,000 to a maximum amount (Maximum Total Benefits for any one accident) Medical and Ambulance expenses are limited to injuries sustained while operating or riding as a passenger while using a vehicle belonging to Nissan Rent A Car.


[Not Included] Customer Facility Charge  - 0.50 (1 Day)

Customer Facility Charge (CFC) $0.50 per a day

[INCLUDED] Vehicle Licensing Fee  - 3 (1 Day)

Includes Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF)- $3 per day.

[INCLUDED] 11.11% Airport Concessionaire Fee  - 11.11% 

Collection at Guam Airport will be subject to an airport tax of 11.11%

- Vehicle model may not be exactly as shown
Sentra (CDW) Sentra (CDW) Sentra (CDW) Sentra (CDW) Sentra (CDW) Sentra (CDW)
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Company Name  Nissan Rent a Car Nissan Rent a Car

Telephone +1 671-647-7300
Fax +1 671-646-1430
Address 1012 North Marine Corps Dr Route 1 Tamuning, GU 96913

- Guam International Airport Arrival Area (24 HOURS - 365 DAYS)
- Main Office Upper Tumon (Mon ~ Fri 08:00~17:00)
- Guam Plaza Hotel (365 DAYS A WEEK 08:00~18:00)

Total Review : 967   Average Rate :
5.0   bang64**    2024-02-22 10:14
I was concerned because there were reviews saying the car was in bad condition, but it wasn't bad. The location was at the airport, so it was easy to receive and return. I also rented Wi-Fi, and although the speed was slow, I was able to use it well without data roaming (500MB/day). One of my friends' Wi-Fi that I went with worked, but mine didn't work, so it would be a good idea to check it right away when I get it.

5.0   Rmsl01**    2024-02-19 10:01
I think being able to pick up and drop off at the airport at any time is a really big advantage! Next time I plan to use Nissan in Guam!

4.0   absolu**    2024-02-15 16:35
The biggest attraction of Nissan Rent-a-Car in Guam is that you can pick it up directly at the airport. The Korean language explanations are well written so that you can receive guidance without any language difficulties. However, the vehicle had already been damaged in several places, and the state of maintenance of basic consumables such as washer fluid was somewhat disappointing. First of all, it would have been better if the inside and outside of the vehicle glass had been cleaned first, and the driver's seat mat was also requested to be hung on the fixing hook to reduce the risk of an accident.

5.0   mallet6**    2024-02-15 10:34
The rental process was relatively easy, and it was even easier because I had rental experience here. The lack of an icebox rental was the only drawback.

I am very satisfied with the quick and friendly staff's work.
5.0   gildrag**    2024-02-15 10:13
I am very satisfied with the quick and friendly staff's work.

5.0   lee**    2024-02-12 10:12
The price was the cheapest and the car was in good condition. I got an Altima. I drove over 400 km in 4 days and it was very nice to drive, and renting a car is a must in Guam!!

5.0   jhb70**    2024-02-10 10:14
The condition of the car was disappointing, but the staff were friendly. It was a fun trip to Guam~

5.0   jaehyu**    2024-02-08 12:16
I like Nissan Rent-a-Car. Airport pick-up and drop-off is available. The car is in good condition and you can easily get to where you want to go when you want by renting a car. I definitely recommend it for homes with young children.

4.0   peterje**    2024-02-07 12:41
Due to the somewhat chaotic situation in Guam, it was a very good choice to apply for a rental car and move around. And it was even better that I could pick it up right from the airport.

5.0   turfsungsi**    2024-01-29 10:11
I had a good trip at a good price. May you prosper ^^

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