Guam Nissan Rent a Car 24 hours at Guam Nissan Airport Counter
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    Nissan Rent a Car

Total Review: 278    Average Rate
Period Total Amount (24 hours)
2018.06.01 ~ 2018.08.31 51
2018.09.01 ~ 2018.09.30 49

- Inclduing CDW Insurace $500

- Inclduing Airport Concession Recovery Fee 11.11% 

- Inclduing $.50 cents per day Customer Facility Charge

- Inclduing $3.00 charge per day for vehicle registration recovery fee


Free MIFI Egg
2017-10-26 ~ 2018-11-30  5 days advance booking Minimum 3 days..
Free Mifi Device
One Tank Free Gas
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Full Gas Tanked Included upon rental.
2 Babyseats
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Free 2 Kids Seat
Free 1 Additional Driver
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Free 1 Additional Driver


Child Safety - Select Babyseat (below 4 years old)
- Select Booster (4-11 years old 4 feet 9 inches)
Additional Options - GPS Navigation $7.50 per day

- Vehicle model may not be exactly as shown
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Company Name Nissan Rent a Car Nissan Rent a Car

Telephone +1 671-647-7300
Fax +1 671-646-1430
1012 North Marine Corps Dr Route 1 Tamuning, GU 96913

Total Review : 278   Average Rate :
5.0   kimkb**    2018-06-11 10:49
When returning a rented car, it would be good if you can accompany it to the document including the oral information about the instructions. thank you.

5.0   hyun98**    2018-06-08 11:49
It was so good. And the promotion for more than three days, I replaced the egg with a new one, so the wifi was good and the battery lasted well. I plan to use it again next time I have a chance to go to Guam.

3.0   badpotato85**    2018-06-08 10:07
I do not want to upgrade automatically. I want to ride the cube. Zentra? It's not a huge upgrade ...

5.0   Wowjoy82**    2018-05-23 09:14
I visited two years ago. At that time, I used Nissan Rent-a-car. ~ All is good, except that the Wi-Fi machine is not working well ~~ It is the best ^^

5.0   Wowjoy82**    2018-05-23 09:08
I used Nissan Rent-A-Car two years ago, but I used the Nissan Rent-A-Car in Guam again. This time I rented two cars with my friends. Everything was good. It was nice to upgrade one car. But the WiFi machine I was renting did not work well two years ago. I had to come back to the airport to change it again. Two of the WiFi machines did not work well. I borrowed the WiFi and thought it was a little disappointing. I am satisfied with the assortment without it ~ Thank you ~

Thank you for upgrading free of charge ~ It was a pleasant trip !!
5.0   gujh**    2018-05-20 10:05
Thank you for upgrading free of charge ~ It was a pleasant trip !!

4.0   hotyong**    2018-05-14 09:14
The waiting line is too long when renting or renting a rental car.

4.0   pdpd02**    2018-05-13 10:05
The traffic or signaling system was a bit confusing. There was difficulty in the center line or U-turn, and it will be easy to drive if it adjusts gradually. The car is not rented, so it does not need a wall. There was no problem with cleanliness or performance. I used it for 4 days without problems and satisfied with good service. I have paid for the rent-a-car service, but there is an irony part in the common sense line that there is another deposit. Of course, I get it back.

3.0   whddl**    2018-05-11 10:56
I hope that the speed of the takeover service will improve.

1.0   hyein05**    2018-05-10 18:50
I did not know that a foreigner came to the office and took it to the office. There was no explanation. There is no office in the country. Does this drive?

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