Guam Nissan Rent a Car 24 hours at Guam Nissan Airport Counter
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    Nissan Rent a Car

Total Review: 151    Average Rate
Period Total Amount (24 hours)
2018.06.22 ~ 2018.08.31 103
2018.09.01 ~ 2018.11.30 99

- Including CDW Insurace $500

- Including Airport Concession Recovery Fee 11.11%

- Including $.50 cents per day Customer Facility Charge

- Including $3.00 charge per day for vehicle registration recovery fee


Free MIFI Egg
2017-10-26 ~ 2018-11-30  5 days advance booking Minimum 3 days..
Free Mifi Device
One Tank Free Gas
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Full Gas Tanked Included upon rental.
2 Babyseats
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Free 2 Kids Seat
Free 1 Additional Driver
2017-03-01 ~ 2018-11-30 Minimum 2 days..
Free 1 Additional Driver


Child Safety - Select Babyseat (below 4 years old)
- Select Booster (4-11 years old 4 feet 9 inches)
Additional Options - GPS Navigation $7.50 per a day

- Vehicle model may not be exactly as shown
Quest 7 Van Quest 7 Van Quest 7 Van Quest 7 Van
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Company Name Nissan Rent a Car Nissan Rent a Car

Telephone +1 671-647-7300
Fax +1 671-646-1430
1012 North Marine Corps Dr Route 1 Tamuning, GU 96913

Total Review : 151   Average Rate :
4.0   puhahaa**    2018-08-08 10:08
It was a little disappointing that the reception of the staff was a little slow during the airport takeover process.

1.0   k**    2018-07-25 14:51
I received a quest, and I went to the Nissan Center twice during my travels by checking the air pressure twice. Two times a day, one hour a day ... I will not be able to go to the airport and change it. I do not have a car. I went to the airport and changed the car for another hour. I turned it into an older car with more than 20,000 kilometers, but it was really annoying. When I found a car at the airport at dawn, I got out of the plane early, but it took more than an hour for Nissan. Employees are also very unfriendly .. Great. Next time I will never borrow Nissan. I borrowed tomatoes anyway, but I did not need any eggs either. It is difficult to write a single piece of oil even if I go around. Tank Free Internet Free Nissan is drowsy because it is such a thing and it is Nissan and it abandons time only. I can not write tea properly because it is a punk. There are many other rental cars in the airport and around Joe's rental car or airport.

It was easy and very good. We will use in next Guam trip, too.
5.0   yeunwoo**    2018-07-23 11:08
It was easy and very good. We will use in next Guam trip, too.

4.0   myji**    2018-07-20 15:41
It is a flight that arrives at dawn, and there are many guests, waiting time is long and it is dissatisfied that I waited because I did not understand the booster explanation properly, but I am satisfied with the condition of the car and the rental fee.

I use Nissan rental car every year when I go to Guam. The condition of the car is clean and very good. I will go next year too and I plan to use it next year ~
5.0   ttue**    2018-07-16 15:20
I use Nissan rental car every year when I go to Guam. The condition of the car is clean and very good. I will go next year too and I plan to use it next year ~

5.0   wawawi**    2018-07-16 15:04
I did not pay much attention to the fact that the car was full insurance anyway.

1.0   dbfks0**    2018-07-11 03:22
1. I went to get a car and I was on the second line, but it was called the bridge in the 5th quarter, and I keep waiting for another person. I have three or four employees and my car is not received but only one employee is left. Eventually, heavy rains poured on me, my parents became soaked, and I protested, and once I got into another car, the people who rushed from there came out. 2. It is dawn because it is pouring rain and I can not check the condition of the car. 3. I can not express the dirty car in my car because I check the condition of the car that I need to carry. I wanted to rent a car like this 3. I went back and changed the battery of the chockey, but it was still broken and I was repaired. I heard that one side is strange. Also, the tire warning light is on the side and the air is blown out. 5. Nissan Rent-a-Car event is very long due to the fact that the event was so heavy that the work process is slow. The return was fast. I used it to not ride Nissan in the Guam café, so I was spammed.   2018-07-11 03:22
불편을 드려서 죄송합니다. 이 부분 괌 닛산렌트카에 전달해서 다음 고객에게는 불편함이 없도록 하겠습니다.

1.0   chokyungs**    2018-07-07 10:32
1. Ask for replacement of the car seat but ignore the staff (tell the office to come back!) 2. Quest 7 Very old car with too much scratch and dent on the car body (I do not understand how to rent this car to the customer!) 3 The engine warning light was on from the second day of driving, and the driver was uneasy throughout the driving. Especially on the last day, on rainy slippery roads, the engine was shut down even when climbing the hill. 5. On the last day, I was asked to replace the vehicle for an extension of the day. Overall, the vehicle status / employee friendliness are all bad and I will advise you not to use it with your acquaintances, of course, and I will register your complaint on the site you know!

4.0   043110**    2018-07-06 23:33
I was renting for the first trip to Guam except for the first time. Guam itself is so narrow that it is not necessary if you stay on the road side of the hotel, but it is much more relaxed and time-consuming than traveling on a southern tour or shopping. If you have a kid like a bean sprout, you better recommend it.

5.0   plusto7**    2018-07-05 10:39
I was renting from another company last year, but when I revisit this year, I used Nissan. Nissan is 3 times more satisfied.

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